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Reality of War

Peace never comes when the perils of war are taken lightly.

The perils of war, are furrowed deep in the memory of many, escape seems unobtainable, within the confines of minds young and old.Those who were lost, are not only those who perished in the conflicts many, but those who were left behind to remember.The pe...


The sun was setting, with orange-gold hues reflecting off the bay, a romantic backdrop of scenery, clearly seen through the glass wall that spanned the back of the house. The glow illuminated the spacious room with a high-rise ceiling where light blue she...

Season to Season

Saying goodbye to Summer.

Autumn colors now shown Frost has touched your leaves Asleep soon beginning of fall Creating a patchwork tapestry First light alive with sparkle Awaiting a new warming sun To glisten with pearly dew Cooler day and longer nights Notifies Winter soon will c...


Is there ever perfect harmony?

Thoughts... Do they have control, or do we allow them to control? Can they ever be managed, or are they our administrator? Do ideas run our lives,or does living create our ideas? Are they reflections of our past,or visions about our future? Do they belong...

Collision of Hearts

When souls collide, do they form a nebula in space?

When souls collide, have you ever asked why? Are their stars aligned, or merely passing by? In some previous life, have they met before? What creates this sensation,is karma balancing a score? Laws of affinity say opposites attract,are souls simply magnet...

The Sun

Empty bowls with empty souls

coming over the trees you wakelooking about for what to takeempty bowl what to makefeed yourself before the restthink of you being the bestnot of the complete messon the plains of the congoon the dying fields of red riceon the shifting sands of the ancien...

Soul Collectors

Nick was a cop till he was shot; now he's got a job collecting souls. He's after one in particular.

Prologue Christmas seemed a horrible time to kill someone. I never used to like working at that time of year when I was alive, and I still don't. As a cop I tended to deal in misery; the Bad, the Mad and the Sad were my clientèle, and at Christmas the suf...

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