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Buzzing Bee Finds Friendship

"Illustration by Jay"
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Buzzing Bee was sad and glum
Because she did not have a chum.

Without a single friend to play,
How lonely she was every day.

“Everyone’s afraid of me,”
Cried the little buzzing bee.

“It is my stinger, they do fear. 
No one ever will come near!”

So by herself she always was,
With no one else to play or buzz.

But then one day a scorpion
She did happen to come upon.

He was basking in the sun, 
Saw her, and was about to run.

“Please don’t go. Don’t run away.
What can I do to make you stay?

I am so tired of being alone,
How sad and forlorn I have grown.”

The scorpion did have to say,
“You really want for me to stay?

Everyone else that I have met,
Has feared my stinger, I do fret.”

The same loneliness they did stand.
Might they lend each other a hand?

They decided, of course they could!
A new friendship would be good.

“Friends forever, we will be.
Me for you, and you for me.”

Never again, alone were they.
Together always, they did stay.

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