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Acceptance Stories


To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie. No one knew how her fingers still fumbled when applying eyeliner and lipstick. Or the struggles she had endured to finally match her body to her soul. ...

By My Side

After a very long road trip I question my mind

I am tryingbut three days in a carmake my progress seem very farThankfully the seahas come to my rescue again.Salt air, endless ocean views are friendsPatience you continue to showmile after mile day after dayEventually helping me find my wayI question ag...


Learn to enjoy the life you lead

      Chaos strikes without a warningDecisions made were silently stormingLost house, car, and job in a single morning So I cast my bootstraps on without gleeTime to prove I'm still alive, still meDiscovering myself on a rebuilding spree And this is the h...


On My Mind

Love is gone

Right on time you're on my mind, it happens every day The love I lost, the pain I feel since you went away   You hid your feelings, so I never knew the things I said were hurting you   Without warning, it was over you found yourself a new life   I was no...

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When Love Wins

When is love really love?

Love is love, when love wins. Determined not, by the way one spins! Love is oh... so much deeper than that. It's not about what's under your hat. Love is what you feel in your heart. One can't flip a switch,to make it start. You have no control,or even a...

55. The age of post-midlife crises and doctor visits. Backs cracking, heels tapping, salsa lessons with two left feet. Getting out of bed is a little harder, you slumber a little deeper. So many pills you can’t even count them. The age of watching childre...

I Have Had Enough

An open letter to the people who will never understand me

I had come to the conclusion that when you tell a soul something, that soul will never cease itself from telling another soul what you have just told that one particular, except the information that was passed, varies. To prove my point, we don’t have a c...