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Chewing the cud

"A cow wonders what life is all about"
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I was asked to write a poem about a bored cow?! Chewing the cud

I know that the day

Will go by as usual

There goes the cars

Up comes the tractor

Speeding by to

God knows where

But here I am

In a field

Waving the flies away

With my tail

Swish Swash

Why am I even here?

Swish Swash

Where did all the others go?

The fattest ones.

Swish Swash

Its always the same flies

Leave me alone to squat in my mire

Time h as no nich in this field

Always green

Always brown

I lift my eyes and see the sky

If I was a poet I’d see

Castles and angels

But I just see white clouds

And blue sky

What a munching machine am I

Where do they take them

When they are fat

Here I am chewing the cud

Feet in the mud

Down, down I sink in my wallow

The brown sticky earth

The green blades of grass

I eat them

They grow





Swish swash

When will something happen

Perhaps I’ll let myself

Get fat

And see where the other guys go

Always the same bird

Perching on my back

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