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It's Only Just A Dream

"Poetry fulfills our dreams"

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It's only just a dream, but may we share?
Imagine all the peace that we might find
When finally we free ourselves from life.
Forgo the dance of destiny for now,
Releasing all our cares from heart and soul.

One never really understands the truth
That opens up when finally we soar
Above the chains that fetter us with pain.
The pain, the pain that shatters all our dreams;
The screams that echo every single day.

Imagine that there is no sorrow now,
No dread, no fear, just joy eternally.
Imagine as I do, and join me there
Where all who wish may dream the dream of peace.

The music of the clouds that drift above
May soothe the wretched, feckless faith at last.
Remember those caresses that we find
When once we open up our eyes to light.

For all the time eternity allows
May pass away if you but take delight
With what you find imagining the peace
That you will find when freed from all life's cares.

Written by Survivor
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