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Each day

"Thing I know I should do, but are not always accomplished."

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Each day one awakes to a new beginning
they can greet with a smile or a frown.
The choice belongs to us no one else,
make a wish set your thoughts spinning.

Search, the good it is there for the taking.
Place a smile on your face not a scowl.
Embrace today, you may have no more,
Shout I am here, this is me, no mistaking.

Lightening the load gives freedom to move.
Drop that baggage, leave pasts behind.
Stretch, open up, relax, look with new eyes.
Open new doors, explore, find a snug groove.

Open your thoughts to new exciting things.
Create with your mind pleasures to share.
Write thoughts down, display on the page.
Fly with them, enjoy all, spread your wings.

Soar, swoop, dive, power back high into the sky.
Show no fear, you need not know fear, be free.
Harbour no worries or cares, nothing to hide.
Cast them to the wind, let go, bid them goodbye.

March with the rhythm you hear in your mind.
Gratify all your needs, some of your wants satisfy.
Allow all to see the real you, permit them to love.
You deserve nothing less, imbibe, to you be kind.

Love felt for others is important, has never been a strain.
Continue to give your heart, to show them your love.
Be true to all you come in contact with, maintain integrity.
Show yourself the same love, allow truth within to regain.

Pain no one needs let it go, become intoxicated on life.
Live fully, give permission to feel the pleasures earned.
Allow only niceties in, grasp and hold them close, grin.
Find the keys to true happiness, unlocking your strife.

New beginnings we all can have, allow contentment within.
Implementing new, toss out the old, let go of the cold.
Snuggle into the warmth found, savour, share the heat.
Greet every day allowed to live, brand new, now go, begin.

Written by CKAcres
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