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"Written for a fellow poet going through tough times."
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I shouldn’t have to say it –
it should come as no surprise,
I’m thinking rhyme and meter
when I look into your eyes.

Everything you say to me,
and everything you do,
is captured in my crafted lines
and sent right back to you.

I pack your words and actions
in a perfect rhyming verse
that’s wrought with raw emotion
that I carry like a curse.

I’ve given all I have to give
with little in return –
I wasted so much love on you,
in time, I had to learn.

There’s nothing I can tell you
that you don’t already know –
I handed you my hopes and dreams
and still you chose to go.

Someday soon you’ll realize
no greener fields await –
you’ll crave the one you left behind
and find that it’s too late.

You’ve shown your inner colors
and the heart that beats within
is small and short of giving –
just betrayal wrapped in skin.

All that you took with you
were the clouds and stormy skies,
while sunshine filled your absence
and my lows were turned to highs.

For now I know the ones who stayed,
who loved me all that time
would give me all the strength I need
to write this perfect rhyme.

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