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Fame Monster

I dedicate this story to my awesome friend Innocent_Angel, hope you enjoy...

Long nails, polished

Camera lens, spotless

She is the darkest figure in the flashiest crowds

Night time is her prime time

But day time works just as fine

Her prey unknowingly invite her in, just like a vampire

She makes herself comfortable, in their empire

Slowly she rises, and takes over the emperor

She's a slow poison, but the hosts are addicted

Most are in denial, few have admitted and fewer have been admitted

She comes in and fills a void they can't avoid

She offers them a lifestyle they can't afford

They learn to love her, she gets into their head

And like a lover, she gets into their bed

She moves your heart to your brain, and makes you think from your heart

She gets your brain, and rips your thoughts apart

She plays darts, with knives aimed at your back

When she gets tired, when she gets bored

When the game is over and everyone folds

She removes their blindfolds

And let's the truth unfold

And then it hits them, like a flood of punches

The devastation, the family tree is but broken branches

Long term relationships, gone in a flash

All because of a new relationship with a flash

Flash of a camera

Suddenly your shoes are not strong, Cinderella

When your bubble bursts, will you handle the weather

Or will you let the rain burn you, and let a dark cloud be your new umbrella?

Even when all is lost, she is all you crave

But nothing but death awaits you in your grave

Even the rope you wear like a neck tie

Or the weight you have lost around your waist line

Or the heights you have thought of jumping off

Will never bring her back

She will just walk past you in the street looking for the next scandal

So I cuddle with death, in my nightwear

And reminisce because she is the best nightmare

For those of you who can't see the future, open your eyes and stare

For those of you seeking fame, watch out, Beware!

Of what lurks in the flashiest shadows, watch out for the fame monster

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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