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"for those that loved with clarity in their heart and a childish mind"
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Published 6 years ago
I was wearing a lot of heavy things lately... feeling chilly for some reason...
I wore that black hat of sorrow, quite mysterious that made me look

I wore my thick cape of lonliness, quite strong that for a hook

I wore those high heels of vanity,

so pricey I must seemed

I wore those leather gloves of masochism 

so venomous indeed

And underneath the scarlet dress of those that loved me,

tremendous fools

And under that lacy corset of those that fought me,

quite sharp their tools

and then we met

I took my hat politely off and then you stole a smile

Let off my cape, a sudden wartmth it must have been awhile

I threw my shoe to run with you and felt so simple again

I ripped my gloves and touched your face and then there was no pain

My scarlet dress turned lily white, a bride seeking for shrift

I loosed my lace breathed in the night your smell invaluable gift

and now I'm naked

You stripped me from everything I'd ever met and god how much I love you...

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