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Future Perfect

"Motherhood changes your perspective forever."

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Competition Entry: Dream On

Anxious minutes pass as I awaited the results of the tests.

My mind flirting with all the possibilities.  Am I or am I not?

My heart starting beating again when the doctor confirmed what I already knew.

I was pregnant.  Again.

Not the first time I had heard the words, “You’re Pregnant.”

The first time was a dream come true.

Now I had to imagine my life with another child.

Already the mother of one, how would I be as a mom of two?

Would there be the son my husband wanted?

Or another girl to join our daughter?

As the days became weeks and the weeks, months, the baby within me grew.

As the doctor ran the probe over my stomach, my heart stopped again.

My mind wondering, what is he looking for?  Why so long?  Is everything all right?

The peace I had known for three months now on the vestige of fear.

Another doctor called in to join by obstetrician.

Another sonogram.

The muted a conversation outside the examination room.

Anxiety growing, heart beating rapidly, breathing quickening, mind wondering.

Then – finally.

“Meagan, you’re carrying twins.  Healthy twins.”

Peace that only good news can bring.

Peace, when your husband desirous of a boy, was overjoyed when told he was to be the father of twin girls.

Love for motherhood and love of husband growing.

Finally, the day arrives – three weeks early.

A pregnancy coming to an end with the delivery of Alie an Abie, joining their older sister, Adie.

Peace for mom.  Peace for dad.

Now dreaming of the future.  Family complete?  My life complete?

Imagining my girls growing and themselves becoming wives and mothers.

Future unknown as I face the future comforted in the love of husband and the love for our three beautiful daughters.

New meaning and purpose to my life.






Written by Meagananne1986
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