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Going Up, Going Down

A fun rhyme
Going Up, Going Down

Ding-Dong! The doorbell rang; I wondered who it could be.
I walk across the carpeted floor, to see what I would see.
And so I opened the door, and gazed upon blue eyes,
The bluest of blues there ever was, truly to mesmerize.
“I’m sorry sir, but my tire's flat; can I use your phone?
I don’t know how to fix it you see and I’m all alone.”
She smiled at me, batting her eyes, and took a step to me.
At that moment my heart was caught and would never more be free.
I stuttered something, I didn’t know what, but was sure it was quite dumb.
She turned towards my bedroom door, grinning, she beckoned me, come.
Maybe this was a fantasy, for it surely can’t be real.
Things like this never happen in life, except in young boys dreams.
But there she stood like a goddess and placed her hand in mine.
An electric spark coursed through my mind feeling quite divine.
Suddenly my eyes popped opened and there I was in school;
In math class to be exact, and feeling such a fool.
Yes, I had been dreaming, and it was of my teacher you see,
Her name was Mary Ann, and now she was looking at me.
“Timmy,” she said with a smirk, “please don’t sleep in my class.”
She then turned seductively away, swaying her goddess like ass.
I looked down upon my desk at a paper she’d set for me,
I held my breath and turned it over to see what it could be.
There was a note upon it, it was there written in red.
Please see me after class, that was all it said.
Well, I though to myself, this could be good or bad.
I only knew of one thing though, I’d rather it be glad.
The bell rang, the day was done and the classroom emptied out.
But I kept my seat as the note had said, harboring my doubt.
Mary, she too stayed seated, her blue eyes regarding me,
So I stood up and walked up to her, to see what I would see.
College, I thought, was hard enough, and to piss off the teacher, bad.
Especially one as hot as Mary, whose booty was looking RAD.
“Timmy,” she said as I stood there, “you mumble in your sleep.”
She said that with a spark in her eye, her voice a sexy deep.
I wondered what I had said and recalled my fantasy dream.
I noted she was still grinning, at least that's what it seemed.
“Uh!’ is all I could think to say, but that seemed to be alright.
She stood up with her books in hand, man, what a fine sight.
“Would you care to join me,” she said. “We can discuss this matter some more.
As she passed she took my hand and headed towards the door.
My heart pounded wildly as my mind began to race.
I wondered if I would finally get lucky, as my thoughts drifted off in space.
Would it be passionate love, Am I to have my day.
Oh, let it be wild sex, to the gods I’d surely pray.
All at once I heard my name and opened up my eyes,
There stood Mary by my desk and knew my dream was lies.
Sometimes that’s the way things go, you have your ups and downs.
Sometimes you are the star on stage, sometimes a circus clown.
The bell rang again and off I went to the sanctity of my car,
Man, was this a down day, at least it was so far.
I then heard an angelic voice, “Sir, do you have a phone?
My tire, it went flat, and I am all alone.”
Here I go again, from a down now going up.
I went to her and smiled, pulled out my phone and said, “Yup.”

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