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Halloween or not Halloween

"my true experiences I want to share"
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Published 8 years ago
There were times when stories were told

Wide mouths

We listened earnestly

Believed totally.

Ghosts were everywhere 


Follows us in the dark

Waits for the opportunity 

To appear and attack!

Look at your shadow..

See if there's more than one

If the head is still there!

An empty pillow on the bed..

Invites spirits to sleep beside you

Always pause to look down the toilet..

see if a hand is coming up!

Never stand on the edge of the balcony..

Spirits wait to push you down

Playing hide and seek at night..

The ghost that finds you will feed you worms

After midnight, 

The official time for ghosts to roam around..

Sleep tight

When the dogs howl at night..

It has seen ghosts

Cover your feet well when you sleep..

Or ghost will pull them

My nanny, the biggest story teller of all time

Confirms her stories with spooky movies.

Going to toilet at night becomes the worst nightmare! 

Believing that ghosts wait to peep at us

I'd wake the nanny to watch out for me

One night, she refused to get up.

My best solution was

Do on the bed

Then I pushed my little brother to sleep on my wet bed 

And I on his dry one!

My big sister, daring and adventurous, drags me out of bed after midnight

Creeps out of the house, tagging me along, in search of ghosts

Our mission is to catch hold of one for interview

Or we might turn it in to the police.

- RR Srimanchantha

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