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"Out of the Ashes a bright new beginning"

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What was she to do with that news

it really threw her off her timing

today she learned her fiance was

returning after a long time away


So many times she cried

she was so lonely with him gone

and now finally he was going

to be coming home to her


She remembered his kisses,

so deeply moving so tender,

that shivers went down her

spine she melted into his embrace


He knew just how to kiss

just how to hold her and just

how to love her she felt like

the luckiest girl alive


He always wore a suit and tie

it was something that she loved

he was always ready to please

her in how he dressed for her


He did sometimes dress more

casually and wore blue jeans

and a shirt always tasteful

and always showed his muscles


She was sipping on a ice cold

lemonaid dreaming of his return

when he came into the room

tired from his long journey


She looked at his face and saw

that something was not right

and she rushed to his side

asking what was wrong


It was then she saw that he was

wearing a wedding ring

he had gotten married while away

and now he was breaking things off


Her heart was broken as he left

and she cried tears that threatened

to flood her whole being

and she cried herself to sleep


In the morning she realized

that this was a good thing

as now she could explore

her world and find someone new


She washed her face,

fixed her makeup and hair

and began her new life

fresh with promise and excitement


Walking to the door, she opened

it with a flourish

dreaming of forbidden kisses

and steamy embraces


In her new world to come






Written by starlight4ever
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