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What if I wrote what nobody read?
If nobody read is it completely unsaid?
Is what I said better left in my head?
These thoughts leave me with nothing but dread.

If I sang a song that nobody heard,
Would the silence you heard be completely absurd?
Is the rhythm and rhyme so obviously deterred,
Why do these things always leave me disturbed?

What is a dance that nobody sees?
Arms and legs waving like a breeze in the trees?
A piano won’t play without pressing the keys.
So many notions leave me so ill at ease.

If I stood up and spoke and no one took note,
Is the world better off with one less quote?
No words of wisdom and nothing to dote.
Such ponderous thoughts leave me feeling remote.

What if I loved and nobody cared?
Would you blame a heart if it really dared?
Is a heart at fault if it wants to be shared?
All these mysteries leave me so unprepared.

So what if I wasn’t what you thought I really was?
Does one hand clapping really count as applause?
Is it really an answer when you say “just because.”
Questions like these always give me great pause.

I leave you now with one final question.
It’s a doozy so I hope it makes quite an impression.
Be open and honest without any suppression.
Does your hand or your heart hold your greatest possession?

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