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Homeward Bound

Tags: holiday, grey

A sad return from a happy place

Dramatic skies, dark grey on blue,

Beams of light where the sun shines through.

Tarmac black and shining wet,

Engines quiet, not turning yet.

Climb the steps and find a seat,

Stewardesses, prim and neat.

Seat belt on, engines whine,

Spooling up, it's nearly time.

Slowly back, out from the gate,

Moving now, no time to wait.

Engines louder, moves away,

From the buildings, long and grey.

Turning left then to the right,

Engines roar with all their might.

Pushed hard back into the chair,

Mustn't move, wouldn't dare!

Runway lights are passing by,

Faster now before we fly.

Nose lifts up, we leave the ground,

Wheels up with thumping sound.

High into the clouds we soar,

Grey and dismal as before.

Then suddenly the sun shines through,

Sky above us perfect blue.

Below, the clouds are fluffy, white,

Can t look too long, far too bright!

Far below us, I can see,

People flying, just like me.

Gradually, before too long,

I see the land, the cloud is gone.

Mountains, lakes, fields of green,

A better sight I've never seen.

We cross the coast and out to sea,

Ships like specks, distant, wee.

As minutes pass I think perhaps,

That England looks the same on maps.

The flaps extend, the land gets near,

And then the whirr of the landing gear.

A ping, a light, now seat belt on,

I'm nearly home, two hours gone.

A jolt, a screech, and really fast,

The runway lights are flashing past,

Once again the engines roar,

But braking now to slow some more.

Leave my seat and find my case,

Down the steps, it's such a race.

I'm always sad to get back here,

Auf Wiedersehen Bavaria.

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