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Anonymous 5 years ago

Rise and Fall Ch 11

Come at me, and you'll see, I'm more then meets the eye ~I burn rwby

She whisked a strand of hair from her face as her eyes narrowed peeking through the crack of the door. Sarah silently watched, as Dia displayed how easily capable she was at taking down the demon. She played in her head, what Steve had told her about the...

AnnaMayZing 6 years ago

Homeward Bound

A sad return from a happy place

Dramatic skies, dark grey on blue, Beams of light where the sun shines through. Tarmac black and shining wet, Engines quiet, not turning yet. Climb the steps and find a seat, Stewardesses, prim and neat.

crusch 6 years ago

Spiders and Demons

Faced with the threat of the Grey, Liyah must pretend to love her husband.

She stepped down the broad marble staircase uncertainly, feeling the weight of the coin purse Artemidoros had given her thump heavily against her leg. At the bottom of the steps, she turned back, looking to the porch above, attempting to glimpse the man w...