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Inner turmoil

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Published 3 years ago

He leaves her crying, alone, insides dead

He makes her believe it’s all in her head.

She wants to scream

She wants to yell

The anger consumes her

Her life feels like hell.

She is tired of being strong

Of pretending she’s okay

Of hiding the hurt

In the light of the day.


His words cut right through her, they’ve torn her apart

There is only cold stone where there once was a heart.

Her temper flares

Her insides churn

She bites her tongue

As her eyes burn.

The scars from his words

The contempt in his eyes

He turns himself into

Someone she can only despise.


The wounds keep festering through the years

her life is not as it all appears.

She wants to be free

to let her tears flow

no questions or accusations

just to let it all go.

She seeks out the darkness

crawls into that space

no longer able to hide

behind her happy face.


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