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Passionate, opinionated and unapologetically layered. I have an ambivert personality. I'm a condratiction; smart but naive, a dreamer but a realist, rebelious, but conservative, modest but also proud. I often come across as aloof, I am shy but sociable. I'm an emotionally complex woman, that's a certainty. I express deeply, sincerely and often. I am a thinker, and even when quiet, those still waters run deep.

I was here for 3 years, then I took a short break... and then signed up again...

Favorite Books
Childrens books

Favorite Authors
Babette Cole, Julia Donaldson

Favorite TV Shows
Blacklist, Designated survivor, Outlander, Vikings, GOT, Last Kingdom, Reign, Tudors, Gilmore girls.
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She knew it made no sense, but it felt so right, He told her not to question it, just to hold him tight. The feelings came fast, too fast some would say, To meet and start falling for, all on the same day. They met and they talked, neither wanted to leave...

Do you like being damp for several hours, people touching your butt and grabbing you, until you find yourself eye to eye with a most magnificently handsome male?  “Fancy a dirty weekend in the Congo?” he asked. “I have an extra space if you want to join m...