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Kitty and Kitten

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Published 8 years ago
Kitty and kitten share a hug,
They kiss each other and be all snug.
Thousands of miles and a computer screen,
Don’t stop them from making each other scream.

Screaming in laughter and joy, they share themselves,
They let their minds take little delves
Into each other’s, getting to know one another,
Kitty whispers “Kitten, you’re cute as no other!”

Kitten blushes and Kitty kisses,
His aim is one that never misses.
Kitten squirms and giggles,
Kitty wants to see her jiggles.
Kitten says “You’re a handsome man!”
Kitty replies “You need your eyes tested, I’m dull as a flan!”
Laughing together, they hatch an evil plan:

In two years time, if stuff works out,
They will find each other and hang about.
They’ll kiss and hug and have some fun,
He may even skelp her bum!

Kitty hopes, in two years time,
Everything will work out just fine.
Kitten hopes for just the same,
She fancies Kitty and he’s to blame!
So now appears a wild Kitty and Kitten,
Who would have thought they could be so smitten? 

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