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Kitty Stories



Just an update on my lack of writing.

This musing, which is really more of an outpouring of crap, will be shorter than usual. As some of you know, I’ve been having a lot of wrist pain for the past year or two. It’s been getting progressively worse since I took my current job. You’ll have noti...

Shitty Kitty

I wrote this one night as my beloved cat sat on my shoulder. Enjoy!!

Perched upon my shoulderthere she stands in all her furry glory. Beautiful eyes shine with a mischievous glint she butts her head against mine. Seeking the attention she feels I have withheld. If that doesn’t work she will paw at my hair determined that I...

I inspired myself. It was so weird, looking at a forum topic, named “what’s your passion?” And being inspired by it. Well, I shall tell you my passion: Shaving. I know it doesn’t seem like it, when my face is all fuzzy, but I do enjoy a good shave. Usuall...

Bedtime Thoughts

Tired, but can't sleep, thinking of Aria. Run away if you don't like mushy musings.

Those nights when you just want to sleep. In this instance, I can't because I don't want to miss my alarm, so can't seem to sleep deeply enough. So I've picked up my phone, and started writing about it. It's thoughtless and stupid. I've no idea if this th...


Take a skulk through my head.

Thoughts, random and ephemeral,stomp through my head. Some are taken note of,some allowed to float off. Ideas happen daily,some acted upon,most tossed aside. Kitten saunters through,always a pleasant thought.Kitty loves her. Is in love. Projects planned,...

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I Feel Too Much

Unfiltered, completely off the top of my head, totally emotional, cry for help, musing thing.

In my entire life, what have I achieved? If I’d achieved something, anything at all, would I be sitting here at (at time of writing, admittedly, I feel shitty.) 4:42 AM writing this? No. I’d be in bed. I’d be sleeping. I might be out with my friends. Frie...

Random Poem

It just happened, no reason, very little rhyme.

I’m starting with a line,Moving on to another,And here’s a third,Why not a fourth?This poem, or whatever it may be,Really makes no sense,But, really, don’t think me dense,I’m about as dense as a fence.A fence with nails in,What a lovely fence,I think it’s...

A Musing of Assorted Assortments

Unfiltered stuff from my mind. Read with caution, laugh with abandon.

Ugh, my nose is blocked, my throat is slightly sore, I feel lethargic and oh yes, I can’t even taste my wine. This really sucks. Sucks more than those folk who don’t know how to use hence. Oh, those fools. Hence. It’s a useful word. It can be used to mean...

To be called Kitten, his Kitten- it's not just a pet name, it's not an ownership thing It's a love thing It's a cute thing It's a couple thing It's an unexplainable-feelings thing. I feel protected treasured safe secure comfortable visible beautiful. I fe...