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Last weeks flower

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She knew it made no sense, but it felt so right,

He told her not to question it, just to hold him tight.

The feelings came fast, too fast some would say,

To meet and start falling for, all on the same day.

They met and they talked, neither wanted to leave,

She always knew she wore her heart on her sleeve.

He made her smile; he made her heart sing,

She lowered her defenses, she welcomed him in,

Her face all aglow, her eyes shining bright

She felt so alive, so happy, and so light.

They talked of their lives and the one they would share,

A future together that would be just theirs.

But then he was gone, as sudden as he came

Days later with others, had it all been a game?

He was the one, her soulmate, her man

Had he just toyed with her, just because he can?

Her body felt numb as tears ran down her cheeks

Had anything been real about the past weeks?

She looks at his face, she knows all the lines

She has studied it so, so many times.

But the fire that had burnt so fierce and bright

For the lady and her beloved trusted knight,

Now flickers and dies and the room turns bleak

She takes back her heart, full of sorrow, empty and weak.

She retreats behind those walls, back to her tower

Crushed and wilted like last week’s flower.

Written by AriesDragon
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