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Love is Like the Wind

"Inspired by a song"

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Love is like the wind,
you once told me,
your voice a soft caress
carrying secrets
on dawn's breath.

We danced in its embrace,
two leaves caught in a breeze,
spinning together,
our touch light as air,
yet deep as the sky's expanse,
like the passing wind,
brief, yet deeply felt.

Your eyes held the horizon,
vast and open,
and I, a wanderer,
lost in their dark infinity,
drifted on the promise
of forever whispered by the wind.

In the heart of stillness,
I felt the subtle shift,
a gentle nudge of change,
and you, like a whisper,
began to fade,
slipping through my fingers
like grains of time.

Love is like the wind,
you said,
and now I stand alone,
arms outstretched,
feeling the echoes of your touch
in the spaces we once filled,
like scattered petals,
fragments of us, adrift.

Memories swirl around me,
like dust motes in sunlight,
each one a piece of us,
suspended in time,
dancing just out of reach,
forever carried
by the winds of what once was.

I close my eyes and hear you,
a murmur,
a sigh in the quiet of dawn,
your essence lingering
like invisible threads weaving through the air,
binding me to the moments
we once shared,
and it hurts as if my breath will stop.

Love is like the wind,
you said,
elusive, ever-shifting,
and though you are gone,
your essence remains,
a gentle breath in my soul,
a wistful song carried by the breeze,
forever whispering your name.


Written by Sherzahd
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