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"Written for the print anthology to be released on Inner Child Press in 2014..."
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Published 7 years ago
Note: This was written for the print anthology..."Mandela, The Man, His Life, Its Meaning, Our Words" be released by Inner Child Press in early 2014...


He was the voice of those who had no voice,
The spokesman for the oppressed.
He became a true hero to the downtrodden,
Who had been denied their basic human rights.
There were those who tried to stop him,
But he proved himself a true force of nature.
Because you can arrest the man,
But you can't arrest his vision.
And while they could lock him in a cell,
They could not lock away his ideas.
And while they could put shackles on his body,
They could not put shackles on his dreams.
And those dreams live on, 
To the very ends of the Earth,
In every classroom where black and white 
Learn side by side.
In every place of worship, 
Where young and old gather together,
In every peaceful demonstration,
Where tyranny falls, and liberty reigns triumphant.
And in the cry of every newborn,
That they be born into a world of hope and tolerance,
Where equality and civil rights are the norm.
For you can bury the man, but not his beliefs.
And though his voice may be silent,
His spirit will live on and on.


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