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MikeStone 2 years ago

The Café

From where she sat ... a wave of quiet rippled outwards languidly in the heavy heat of ... afternoon

From where she sat at a small round table in the center of the otherwise empty café a wave of quiet rippled outwards languidly in the heavy heat of the midsummer afternoon. I didn’t want to disturb the spell by entering the radius of that quiet, sit...

Rumple_deWriter 5 years ago

More Than Just A Kiss: pt 10, Turning A Page

Gwen stared into space, unable, unwilling to accept what she’d heard, much less its implications

Outside, a scattering of forlorn leaves clung to the dark, wet limbs of trees bordering the deserted playground and half-empty parking lot behind the red brick apartment building. Cold, misty rain and swirling winds hastened the inevitable outcome of this...

DirtyMartini 5 years ago

When A Child Dies, The Whole World Cries

Written for the upcoming book "World Healing, World Peace Poetry 2016" on Inner Child Press...

Two young brothers are left at home, All by their lonesome selves, The older one notices a new toy, Sitting high up on a shelf. He climbs up and brings on down, What he believes is a toy gun, He thinks about the games the...

How do I live When this is over? How do I cope With this overwhelming Feeling of loss In my chest That makes it So darn hard to breathe? How would I Be able to define My own existence if Everything I h...

ravenpearl 8 years ago

Book of dreams

the second picture because the dusky bramble field woods and the haunting blue of my dreams

Eye lids flutter Her nightmare begins Tossing and turning like flotsam on the sea Chased by something without a face She clutches the book to her breasts, its pages tattered and torn Her book of dreams It pa...

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Beneath the Surface

Inspired by Damaged by Melody Carlson, the book I just finished.

She was new, how could she have known? (Break up with her, have a fling, do something, back together again) The star quarterback. Handsome. Gentlemanly. Kind. Humorous. (The star quarterback. Monster. Acting. Angry. Dange...

DirtyMartini 9 years ago

For Trayvon (May your death not be in vain)

This was written for the book, A Gathering of Words: Poetry and Commentary for Trayvon Martin

Note: This was written for the print anthology mentioned above, released April, 2012 on Inner Child Press... When I first saw this sub call I have to admit I was a bit reluctant to contribute, I thought there was a bit too...

alexfenris 10 years ago

The Recommended Book

She said it was a good book.

Well, that IS what she said. Not that I had a reason to trust her opinion. How do you trust opinions anyway? Or movie reviews? You just make up your mind, and find an excuse.So "she said" was my excuse for reading this. Or at least for...