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Memorable Devalsari

"Trekking during high school days."
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A memorable trek to Devalsari
Stop on the way for free chapatti

At a gurdwara we clambered no soon
Were Served on leaves with no spoon

Running, hopping, staggering and limping
Singing, laughing, squabbling and complaining

Toilets anywhere there behind the bushes
Rocks all over served as natures couches

Quenching from waterfalls along our way
A hamlet, a beautiful stream invites to stay

Racing against sunset before it gets dark
Hurrying along by the landscape so stark

The path it seemed wound endless on
Devalsari seemed for us was reborn

With aching legs and blistered feet
We did the climb to finish this feat

Exhausted yet Filled with mirth and elation,
determined on we reached our destination

Welcomed us with warmest greet
But too ailing for the nightly feast

quarters limited space in a temple
Drifting in slumber slept in a jumble

Woke up dawn with birds a chirping
clear sunny day after a night of flirting

Straight to the stream below we pranced
Bathing in the open we squealed and danced

Breathless views amidst hills and valleys
Picturesque environs glimpsed in galleries

No camera to capture moments and scenery
Pictures dyed in our soul's indulgent venery

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