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Metronome of Life

"What tic's and toc's await beyond this life?"

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Back and forth, never stopping in the middle long.
Strapped to a pendulum, hearing that tic toc song.

Sometimes flying fast and high, oh how exhilarating.
Sometimes slow, oh so low and slow, very agitating.

Passing the middle never staying for long.
Captivated by this rhythmic tic toc song.

Each day passes 24 hours, one can whimper or sing.
Choosing to grasp the beauty, or only feel life's sting.

Not knowing what tomorrow will bring, or today for that matter.
Now is present, past is history, future is expectation full of chatter.

Yesterday is gone, lost but just a memory, I can never return.
Tomorrow eludes me, out of reach, but to witness I still yearn.

There is one constant in life it seems, yes, that is change.
What path am I destined to take at life's next interchange?

Will I feel the sun on my cheeks, warming my soul?
Will I be sucked cold and lifeless, down a black hole?

Is where I am right now, the best it will ever become?
Is this heaven, I ponder, is there nothing better to come?

When I finally depart, leaving my current life behind.
Are there worse things for me to see, what will I find?

Questions, none of which anyone can answer for me.
So my best bet is, continue looking for beauty to see.

Appreciating blessing given me, by friends and family.
One knows not where, or when, we will reach our finale.

Wondering, if where I am residing now is heaven or hell?
Will my being be enhanced, or inferior, only time will tell.

Before taking the last turn, unable to look back, or ahead.
I think I will sing along with this tic toc song in my head.

Riding on this metronome of life, trying to stay in time.
Until the tic toc stops silent, in the middle of it's chime.

Written by CKAcres
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