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Ishhhvv 9 months ago

The questions of life

Ever wondered who said we should be perfect?

The purpose of our life, How do we know when there is no guide? Is one supposed to be happy? Who said life is all about being merry? Or should one go through pain? How do we know that's not the aim? Is there such thing as destiny? ...

Time 2 years ago

Here At This Place

Asking questions

I have come here. I have come here to ponder a question. I sit on the edge before the waves of dawn to learn this humble question. The sand is soft as I struggle in and out of my childhood memory. God? Are the waves speaking to me? Am...

Who are you when the white-hot reality of the day shines down?When there is nowhere left to hide and I see who you are.How clever you are at hiding the truth.What is left of us now that I see you? Who are you when the shadows of de...

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adi_me 4 years ago

Level With Me

Anyone want to give their two cents?

Sometimes I guess I am selfish, denying what is true. Or could be true. So many things have no definitive answers that I go crazy. But not technically crazy. I have been tested after all. So many tests. No actual answer. I'm fine. "You're fine." I get...

Tell Me, Please

Thanks to Dreamcatcher, whose comment in the Poetry Challenge forum thread inspired this

do I still have to stay?do I still have to care?tell me, please, why should I?tell me, please, who says so?do I still have to show up?do I still have to try?tell me, please, what's the point?tell me, please, when will I...