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Monsters Are Among Us

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In the real world there are Monsters
That look like you and me,
They performed horrible deeds
Throughout our history,
You will not find them
By peeking beneath your bed,
They are all around you though,
Trying to get into your head.
Their purpose is to frighten you,
To make you feel unsafe,
Hinting at conspiracies,
You can scarcely keep apace.
The Monsters feed upon your fears,
And scare you everyday
So you will be emotional
And do exactly what they say.
Tell the Monsters simply
That you have had enough,
That you are not afraid
and they should just shut up.
Tell the Monsters to go away,
You were not brought up
To fear the Monster's stories
About the grown-up stuff.
If the Monstera do not listen
And are determined to have their day,
Then punch their nose with a little prose until they go away.


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