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Monsters Stories


In the real world there are MonstersThat look like you and me,They performed horrible deedsThroughout our history,You will not find themBy peeking beneath your bed,They are all around you though,Trying to get into your head.Their purpose is to frighten yo...

What Was That Noise

A child is frightened before she goes to bed

It was time for bed I got in My imagination had started My toys started to spin This was not for the fainthearted I held my blanket to my chin The wind started to howl Goose pimples all over my skin The horror would start now Banging on my closet door The...

I can hear them trying to coax me to go back. I can feel the dark shadows' fingers reaching, trying to grab me, to pull me back into the dark pit. They're angry, because they had pulled me into the dark pit and tied me down with the slimy vines and the po...

The voices are Loud, Angry, Sad, Hurt. They're mostly quiet during The day, When the sun is out, And everyone is around. They pretend to disappear, To be her friends And tell her To be a reasonable human being, With patience and understanding. But when ni...

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True Monsters

Who are the real monsters?

A silent scream in the dark, muffled cries echoed in hollow halls. Sounds amplified, making the quiet still and more painful. Wooden floorboards creaked with each step, years of abuse warped the floor beneath. Screened lights above flickered a dull yellow...

Myth: The Story of Everything

This is how the world began. Or should have, at least, if I had any say in it...

In the beginning, there was Chaos: Ever-changing. All-encompassing. Eternal?Not quite. There came a separation of the darkness and the light, and then there were gods within the teeming void. The gods were mighty and wise, and they looked about them and s...

A Halloween Bash

A monster party on Halloween; what more can I say.

Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, Jack O’lantern was looking quite slick. With a pumpkin head lit by candle light, He’s the coolest dude on Halloween night. His date, I see, is Wendy the witch, An interesting pair, like Lelo and stitch. To a party they all...

Elementals Chapter 20

The final chapter in the Elementals story.

Chapter Twenty Noah looked down at his map and sighed. “You know,” he said, “I don’t know if I am going the right way or not.” “And you’re asking me for directions?” Primordious asked. “Well I mean I never have been to Saeyune before, remember I went stra...