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My Dark Lord is coming back

"After a thousand years, the dark lord is coming back"
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My Dark Lord is coming back 
From tonight the gate of hell will open for ninety-nine nights 
For a thousand years he has prepared for this time 
Waiting patiently for this night

My Dark Lord is flying back 
Hell angels circling along his side 
Black wings covering the sky 
Spreading out their battle cry

My Dark Lord is riding back 
Riding along with his loyal death knights 
Armor, shield and sword clashing loud 
Like the thunders rolling from land to sky

Hearing the thunders she opens her eyes 
Bright grin shows on her face 
For a thousand years she never doubted 
That he would come back to rescue his bride

For a thousand years she never regretted 
The night that they fall in love at first sight 
The kiss that made her halo faded 
The passionate love that turned her pure white wing into black

They repelled him back to the underworld 
They punished and tortured her for her corruption 
Yet she has never forgotten his last words 
Before he disappeared into flames 
“My fallen angel, one day I will come back.”

She was chained and prisoned for a thousand years 
For her refusing to turn her black wing back to white 
Closing her eyes she can still see that passionate night 
Despite all the pains there is always fire for him in her heart

Tonight she know the time has come 
For her the Dark Lord is fighting back 
When their eyes meet in the air they both read love 
The love has never faded for a thousand years 
She forgets all the pain and yells out with all her strength 
“My Dark Lord, my love, as you promised, you’re back!”

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