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Break this down 
Particle by particle
Compare the matter
To the grand scheme
And blow it away

To wherever dust twirls
In a snowglobe of memories

Like how my mouth brushed
Your rough cheek,
Or the satin of your lips,
My fingers running through
That crop of soft hair
And over your smooth skin


See the moments 
Where the sun
Caught the stars
Burning in your eyes,
Licking gold over
The flip of your lashes
As your crooked smile
Thawed my frozen soul

Limbs over limbs
Whispering secrets
And sacred vows
I breathed your exhale
Felt your heart race
Your ribs rise and fall
Under my palm

We smiled as we held each other
Memories like glittering snow
Wrapping me inside heaven

Until the moment
The earth quaked,
Breeze turned typhoon
Glitter turned into lava
And a thousand spears charged at once

We broke upon a winter’s dream
Filleted upon the cold alter of love
And lay frozen in a lake of glass
Naked under the burn of sunrise

A warm breeze heats my face
Fingers twitch.
A moment of life.

I open my frosted eyes
To the glimmer of memories
Swarming around me

Particle by particle
Dust to dust
Every little moment
A world
A life
A love

My fingers fist,
Nails scoring my icy palm
Holding tight

To all the little nothings
That will always
Mean everything

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