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"Why I will never re marry."

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Stares and cries..oh what a sight
The ring on her finger catches the light
She closes her eyes and tries to forget
What she had done, so full of regret

Weeks ago she told him no
That she didn't want him and had to go
So how was she here in this awful dress
Married and crying, her life such a mess

She remembers how she used to be
Cheeky and fun the life of the party
When they met he seemed so nice
And she had wanted to calm her life

Then she fell pregnant with his child
No longer could she act so wild
She knew a love she'd never felt
When the child was born her heart did melt

The child and she became his obsession
Not something he loved, just merely possessions
Then came the cheating, the lies and the violence
She had no one to help so she suffered in silence

She walks to the bar and orders a drink
Sips it slowly while she thinks
She orders another and a shot with it
She vows to leave before he breaks her spirit

A full year later, it's run its course
She's somewhat free after a bitter divorce
She smiles and looks down at her hand
The ring no longer there to brand

Her child distracts her and starts to giggle
It makes her smile so she gives her a tickle
A movement distracts her from behind a tree
I know that it's him there, watching her and watching me
Written by Kiera
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