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Questions from above

"What do you choose to do..."

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The reflection in the mirror
is that of a broken women
with a tear stained face.
Messy hair and dark rings
around her tired eyes.
Someone in her mind
No one would miss.

In her mind she feels its time
feeling like although she tried and tried
she has never achieved any of her personal goals.
The obstacles in her life
she feels are just too great,
So has never know the feeling of success.

Today she lays down for the final time
feeling finally worn out and beaten.
Being pushed past breaking point
feeling like there is no where to turn
know believing she is the failure
she was always told she was.

Her eyes slowly closing
as the drugs take hold
She wonders what her life would have been like
if she had more self confidence
and her insecurities were not an issue...
If instead of being always put down,
she had been praised and encouraged
Told she was important and loved
treated with kindness and respect.

But for her it is now over, it is too late
she just took her final breath.
However for all of us left here on earth
we have a choice to make 
about who we want to be.
Are you the person who offers 
friendship, hope and kindness 
or the one who beats others down 
only caring for them self?

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