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Warning, even if you don't like spiders, read this.

Spiders are cute,
They spin wee webs,
Catch annoying flies,
They are natures coppers,
Yet so many hate them.

The humble spider,
It just wants to exist,
And eat bugs
It doesn’t deserve to be squished,
Or so maligned.

The beautiful webs they spin,
The way they creep along the floor,
They skitter along, fast,
Then stop, they look around,
It’s so easy to get around when you have eight legs.

Up walls, in baths,
In corners, sometimes in you.
Sleeping, you can eat up to eight
In just one year,
Unsubstantiated claims though.

I love spiders.
They just crawl about like tiny assassins,
Eating our unwanted nasties.
If they were humans, they’d be the Mafia.
Imagine Big Momma Spider.

“Where were you?” She says to her young.
“Killing pests,” he says.
“Be careful, those humans hate us!”
“Momma, I’m a big boy!”

Killed just for existing.
Poor wee spider.
His family devastated,
Big Momma Spider left alone,
All because you don’t like them.

Arrogant human!
Next time you see a spider,
Just release it, don’t be afraid,
Trap it under a jar,
Open the window, release.

Respect the spider,
They don’t bite unless provoked,
Allow them space,
Please, I beg, don’t splat them.
Be mindful of the environment.

Spiders are cute,
Spiders are nice,
Spiders are beneficial,
Respect them
and they’ll respect you.

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