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Taking You Home

"I'm taking you home, my darling."
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Published 2 weeks ago

Home to a better place

My darling,

My love for you will be forever,

forever etched to my soul.


A love not for mortals.

A love not meant for earth.


I'm taking you home,

home to a special place

that he set aside for you.


You led us through that nasty hell,

and you gave us your all.


I sit here all alone, totally numb,

not understanding why,

why he took you from me.


The aircraft drones across

the sky and deep water.

It's a lonesome sound

droning it's message to me,

 "let's take him home,

let's take your soldier home".


With my hand on your casket,

placed over your heart,

we're taking you home darling,

we're taking you home. 


My heart will forever bleed its river of tears.

I'm bringing you home my darling.

To a place he prepared for you.


My mind is racing, my heart cries, 

remembering the love

we shared here on earth.


You left your mark on our hearts,

and the earth is a better place.

Your love will forever be,

etched into my soul.


My Darling,

You've left your mark on earth.

It's time to take you home,

to a place he prepared for you. 


I'm taking you home my darling,

taking you home to a better place.


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