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Over 90 days ago
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Divorced ,

47 year old mom of two adult children. Son is in the military. Daughter is off to college. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!  

My job is demanding, leaving my Stories Space time somewhat limited.

I enjoy poetry, my private life, career, making friends, and my secret weekend getaway spot.


My poetry is true to life and very personal for me. 

Each poem has a back story that I leave for my readers to consider. None of it is made up, but rather my expressions of huge emotional swings from humor, love, tragedy, and sexual feelings…I don't write to impress, but rather to reach deeply into the human experiences we all share. 

If your view of poetry is use of expensive words, not common to most, then you are perhaps not going to enjoy my poetry. 

Making friends is easy, but putting my thoughts on paper is difficult….


I hope you enjoy my work. 

CKC, 💜

Some call me Carolyn, others call me Kriselle.  

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Taking You Home

I'm taking you home, my darling.

Home to a better place My darling, My love for you will be forever, forever etched to my soul. A love not for mortals. A love not meant for earth. I'm taking you home, home to a special place that he set aside for you. You led us through that nasty hell,...

Lonesome Cafe

Without you, I'm so alone.

The morning is cold. My heart left empty, yet still full of love, so full of love for you. I sit here now alone, with my heart in pain, yet so full of love for you. My fingers tremble and wrap the only thing I feel, this cold cup of coffee, and a heart fu...