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The Aroma of Autumn

Autumn is a scent that tickles my nose 
The crisp breeze in the trees 
Reminders of the coming frost 
Promising the happy renewal of life

Spring-time is lovely 
Light flowers bloom bright 
Life returns in vibrant colors 
Songs float on the breeze

Summer is sultry 
Heavy scents of earth and life 
Pealing laughter abounds 
Playful times and memories made

Winter is chill comfort 
Icy fingers trailing along the breeze 
Fires crackling in hearths 
The earth slumbers, awaiting rebirth

The first blush of love 
Is Spring’s tender promise 
Stolen kisses and fluttering hearts 
Awakening emotions

Fingers tentatively touch 
Shaking with a mix of love and lust 
Sighs and moans, groans and cries 
First melding of flesh, memories never die

Summer’s soft heat is akin to those years 
Engagement and marriage, excitement 
Such new things they learn! 
Life’s hard lessons taught

Sweeping strokes of the hand 
Crushing kisses, stolen breath 
Firm grips on thighs as faster they go 
Thick cries of completion fill the night

Ah, the fires burn low in Winter 
Children grown, all alone 
Hands held tight and they sit together 
Soft smiles shared of bygone ages

Still flames flicker in the night 
Entwined together, pleasure abates 
Hearts pounding as sweat cools 
He knows just what to do for her

But that warm sun and chill breeze 
Autumn is best; the days float quietly by 
They’ve had time together now, 
Their nights are filled with heat

Knowledgeable hands take long strokes 
Hips thrusting strongly in quiet moments 
Knowing just how to touch 
His moves, her whimpers, his tongue, her cry

Love is like the seasons, each flying past 
Spring is new love, Summer that first heat 
Winter is the aged knowledge of life together 
But Autumn … is the scent I love the most

No guile or pretenses shared between those 
Living in Autumn, the lust and love flow 
A heady mixture of emotion, tried and true 
In the scent of autumn, I dream about you. 
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than storiesspace.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © Copyright ©2013 Mabry Michaels.
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