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The Geek from I.T.

When you need one - nothing else will do.

The Geek from I.T.
By Tony Radford

I was working away – was a most-fruitful day,
the best that I’d had in a while,
I’d made quite a dent with the time that I spent
on a huge architectural-file.

The version of CAD that my company had
was a little bit ancient – it seemed.
My pace would increase with the latest release
but for now – that was only a dream.

My vintage display caused my eyes to decay
so I got up to grab me some brew –
and when I returned, in a panic I learned
that my screen had become solid-blue.

I stared for a bit – then reality hit,
it wasn’t the screen that had crashed,
it had been quite a while since I backed up the file,
so my drawing was probably trashed.

I was still in denial that I’d lost the whole file
so I hit the return once or twice.
I tried to re-boot, but my effort was moot,
up to now – I was rolling the dice.

I’d run out of rope and was losing all hope,
I was down as a draftsman could be,
I was technically-weak and I needed a geek
so I put in a call to I.T.

My call made it through to the person who knew
about everything ending in “net”.
But he wouldn’t commit – said I had to submit
a request that was saved to diskette.

I explained to the guy that I couldn’t comply,
my machine didn’t work like it should.
He replied with a snort – that he’d draft the report
and would drop by as soon as he could.

A few minutes more – came a knock at my door
and a very young man would appear
with casual-clothes, a ring in his nose
and a grommet installed in his ear.

He didn’t declare a professional air –
he looked like he’d been in a gang.
By the questions he asked, he was up to the task –
I could tell by his technical slang.

In less than an hour, he’d dismantled my tower
and scattered the parts on the floor,
there were boxes with cords and a few circuit-boards
that were likely assembled offshore.

His major concern was a part that was burned
so he took out some tools that he had,
and a weird-looking man with a surgical-hand
would take out the one that was bad.

He reached in his belt for a box lined with felt
that contained a new chip from Intel.
It was greatly improved from the one he removed,
and a model the stores didn’t sell.

With the turn of some screws and a flip of the fuse
my machine – once again, was alive!
Then the guy from I.T. bore a special CD –
said he needed to boot from the drive.

Before I could blink, I was back in the pink
and my saver was back on the screen.
When the icons appeared – it was just as I feared,
my file was nowhere to be seen.

With his small, girlish-hands – he typed some commands
and the cursor went off on its own,
but when it came back, my file was intact –
thanks to him, I’d be sleeping at home.

He filtered my spam, expanded the RAM –
added stuff that he said I would need.
When everything slowed, he entered some code
that magically doubled my speed.

Some things he’d do – he performed in plain view
and some things he kept to himself.
He looked up some specs and he ran a few checks,
then he gave me a clean bill of health.

I was saved from despair by a guy with blue hair,
the loss would have cost me a week.
But despite his odd style, he recovered my file
– I was saved by the power of GEEK!

Still, I contend we could never be friends,
I’m not sure, but somehow I know.
He had no pizzazz and the hobbies he has
– I probably don’t want to know.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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