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The Howling of Your Dogs Shall Pass Too

"I wrote this poem as a warnning to tyrants"

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Author's Notes

"I wrote this poem as a protest to the Islamic regime in Iran. As you can see, it gives an eastern medieval vibe. That’s because I used the style and several verses of Saif Farghani, an Iranian poet from the 14th century. Since this is a translation of the original poem, it’s not very rhythmic."

Death will pass your world too
The prosperity of your times shall end too

The owl of suffering who annihilates from the root
Shall visit your sad land too

The autumn wind bringing misery to the lands
Shall pass your gardens too

The water of death, known for chocking throats
Shall pass through your mouths too

You who your spear blades are sharp to oppress
The sharpness of your blades fades with every kill too

Since the rule of the just didn’t last in the world
The atrocities of you tyrants wouldn’t last too

Since the roar of lions in this country passed
The howling of your dogs shall pass too

He who rode a horse couldn’t make it
The dust your donkey’s hoofs raise dies down too

The wind which put down many lights in time
Shall pass through your lamp too

Many caravans have passed through this inn
Your caravan has to pass too

You who are proud of your fate
Your star shall set too

The turn passed from the good to you villains
The turn of you villains shall pass too

No more than a couple of days was their turn
Your turn shall pass after a couple of days too

We’ll make a shield of tolerance against your arrows
So that the power of your bow fades too

This flower once bloomed in another garden
It will pass away in your garden too

This is some still water gathered in a place of wealth and eminence
Your still water shall vaporize too

The elephant of annihilation who the king of survival fears
Shall crush your infantry too

Written by Leila
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