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The Light of Love

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At last the light of this bright truth has shone
On my dull and uncomprehending mind,
That for my sake you have all else forgone,
For without thought and ne'er a glance behind
You gave your heart, and doing heaped upon
My head such shame that I could be so blind.

For sake of me you have your life redrawn,
All other loves for me to dust consigned,
And claimed this, not as loss, but bright new morn,
A ray of hope into your dead heart shined,
New birth, when thoughts of joy had seemed forlorn,
Not path from out cold misery to find.

The veil that closed my eyes has now been drawn,
And such a radiant vision do I see,
Bounteous gift of love, clear as the dawn,
Shining in my darkness, wretch though I be.
What recompense can I make, how atone,
With these poor lines redress my cruelty.

Dear lady, of all women most comely,
Fair of countenance, more divinely sweet
Than sweetest honey. At your birth surely
Angels sang, your nativity to greet,
For in goodness clothed you reign, so lovely,
Perfection such as this does me defeat.

Wonder of wonders, this revelation
Stills all the doubts and fears that held my heart
In their icy grip. Now such elation
Floods my soul, an unassailable rampart
Against the world, I kneel in adoration
At your feet, henceforth never to depart.

Sweet misery, oh most unhappy day,
No offering of mine could e're suffice
Such overwhelming kindness to repay.
More than all the flowers of paradise
Your beauty shines, and humbly this I pray
That you will take my heart as sacrifice.

Dearest angel, heart's illumination,
A beacon shining in the darkest night,
Your love is my guide and inspiration
Leading me through a world of sweet delight.
Above all, the perfect distillation
Of all things that are good and true and bright.

Bright lady, in all the world without peer
Dull indeed would be that vain and witless man
Who failed to see the truth that shines so clear.
Sadly there exist those, whose lives profane,
All the beautiful things that we hold dear,
And constancy like yours, hold in disdain.

Assertions that such good beyond compare
Cannot exist in this harsh world of spleen
I scorn, and their false claims refuse to hear,
For your enduring love now rules supreme,
And safe within the haven of your care
In bliss I dwell, my darling, and my queen.

Written by Dark_Apollo
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