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The Nerd of Moe and the Sage of Copper

"A playful poem precisely pointed around producing perseverance."

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In the valley of Moe
there's a town you never heard
where it'd always snow
till a plague quite absurd
tumbled from the downspoke
and sliced off the heads
of all the townsfolk
who dashed around like undeads.

With the town disabled,
a copper sage came
and overtook the fabled.
He was the one to blame
for the sharp wind
that fell upon the town
and did them all in.
On a throne, he sat down

He had his foxes
collect all the caps
and store them in ice-boxes
that clever old-chap.
then the heads of some
began to pray
for some kind of hero to come
and save the day.

Hark! there he is!
An elegant lad,
Not as expected. Tis
only wearing plaid.
He seemed very lame,
with bubble-blowing gun
at servants, he'd aim
and sent them on the run!

with some time to spare
before sage knew going's on
he collected all the boxes here 
scattered on the lawn
and with some elixir,
staples, and glue
became a head fixer,
"yippee calloo!"

The sage would be leaping
out from that door.
but it seems that he was sleeping
for they could hear him snore.
This bided them a minute.
so they hurried to their houses
and got whatever's in it
before the copper rouses.

They had bottled corks,
tangled up strings,
salad forks
among other things
They also had a cannon
But it could not blow
and there was some guns
that were only so-so.

"None of these will help us win!"
a gnome confessed in great adversy
"maybe we should just give in.
and he will show us some mercy."
"No, never."
the hero abrupted,
"or be slaves forever."
The door erupted.

One stare
that's all there was.
An army, right there,
with just one cause.
The sage bowed to his toes
in order to mock.
The gun's rose;
aim and cock.

"What strange little weapons
for a funny little army"
the sage went in his yeppins,
"these things will not harm me."
"There is a secret within my skin,"
The nerd's confidence was admired,
"It alone will help me win!"
and with that the guns all fired.

It took one shell
and then, a small, "boom!"
The copper fell
like a parade balloon.
He fell before their very eyes
til just a weeping sack.
And from the crowd came no replies
except a gnome's, "WHAT WAS THAT!"

So the valley was peaceful again
but they shall not forget
what it all could have been
if they had gone and forfeit.
For if the gnome's way would've had.
woe would not end
and life would be sad

Written by Duketravers
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