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The Princess and The Pea (Adaptation)

"I adapted this from the well known fairytale for your bedtime reading!"
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Once upon a time a Prince so handsome,

sought a Princess, and would give a Kings Ransom;

For a Lady so delicate, one who would suit?

One who was born and raised, via the correct royal route.

He travelled the world and found many Princesses,

adorned with jewellery and very fine dresses,

but one who was genuine was difficult to discover,

one who would forever be his Princess and lover.

The Prince returned home full of gloom,

would he live alone forever in his bachelor room?

Late one evening there was a storm from hell,

the thunder crashed, the heavy rain fell.

RAP RAP RAP, the knocker rattled the Town Gate,

the Old King answered even though it was late,

There stood a Princess completely washed out,

water streamed through her shoes, she looked down and out.

“Please Old King I’m as real as can be,

let me in for some shelter and then you will see”.

The Old King escorted the Princess, so very bedraggled,

across the stone courtyard, whilst the Queen and Prince haggled.

“Is she a Princess?” asked the Prince; “How can we tell,

I’ll check her on ‘Facebook’ and give you a yell?”

“I’ll see if it’s true, stated the Queen,

I have an old test and it’s very green!”

She laid a small pea on the Princesses bed,

then piled up twenty mattresses as high as her head,

twenty feather beds were then laid on top,

the poor old bedstead started to flop.

The Princess was wished a very good night.

Once they’d all scurried off, she turned off the light.

“Good morning Princess, and how did you sleep?”

Asked the Old Queen; “Did you have to count sheep?”

“I slept awfully bad in this rickety bed,

couldn’t you have given me a soft one instead?”

“There’s a very hard lump, it’s caused me great pain,

I do not wish to sleep here again!”

“Rejoice!” yelled the Queen “A Princess we’ve found,

if it were not for One Pea she would have slept sound,

The Prince then took the Princess for his dear wife,

It was to be the best One Pea, spent in his life!


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