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Marvin the Maggot was a wondrous maggot, captured by aliens from Zob. They turned him into a robotic maggot, he’s now not a fat smelly slob. They returned him to Earth on a treacherous mission, to combat some dangerous pests. Bionic wasps from the planet...

Halloween: A Cats Eye View

Venture out on Halloween if YOU DARE!!

A group of twelve strangers, RAP, RAP at the door, disturbs my comfortable snooze on the floor. My mistress sweeps through dragging her gown, a tall pointed hat fits tight on her crown. With a rattle of broomsticks the cackling coven, place a large cauldr...

Battered to Death

Be careful who you invite for Dinner

As I walked towards the precisely laid dining table, I encountered a young lady suffering from two painful boils that had arisen upon her buttocks…….. She smiled and served the dinner. Later I noted the two enormous melons she was carrying, wondering if t...