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The Real Fake Friend

"haven't written in a while, so that may be of poor quality"

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Once upon a time, I was there for you

You adored me,

I would be always listening to you,

I could care for you,

Because my problems were not serious,

I was not stressed,

I always tried to help you,

Because I adored you,

If not by money as I could not afford it,

I tried in other ways,

And you know it,

I was the best then,

Isn’t it what you used to say?

But once my problems got more serious,

I made a foolish mistake,

I thought you would listen,

Like I would when you needed me,

Since we were friends,

As I believed till the end,

But no,

It was suddenly stressing to you,

Because then you claimed I did not care for you;

Writing me a long message,

Blaming me for everything,

Insisting it was for my good,

Saying I was not trying to solve my problems.

You did not have the slightest idea of what my life was,

But yes, how easy it was for you to simply judge me.

I thought it was true,

It upset me so much,

You made me feel like a monster,

So I stopped talking to most people,

Closed myself,

Because if I talk about me,

I’m self-centered,

If I listen to others,

I’m the best.

Thanks to you,

I was convinced I was a bitch,

I kept my problems to myself.

Then months later,

I read your note again,

Because I wanted to know exactly where I went wrong,

But this time I saw right through it,

None of what you said was real,

To think I even apologized to you,

To avoid unnecessary drama.

I was just an excuse you used,

To go away from all of us,

Because you just had enough us.

Once upon a time,

I thought you were a real friend,

But in the end,

You were just a fake.

Once upon a time,

I was weak and foolish,

And got so easily manipulated by you

That I shut myself to anybody else,

And spent time on my own,

Thinking I was to be blamed for all the mess,

But today I’m no fool,

No one can trick me into emotional drama and blackmail,

Because if once upon a time, I was weak,

Today I’m strong,

And I know better

Than get influenced by selfish people like you.

Written by mylie
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