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The Sea: A Message Of Guidance

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A life-changing walk by the sea

The night is still young and the lights shimmer as the sun goes down over the brilliant, blue ocean.
As you gaze before you, your heart is filled with a desire to be free.
Free from everything.
You stand at the edge of the boardwalk, overlooking the vast waters before you,
And you fill your lungs with the beautiful sea air.
Fresh and clean,
Free of odour.
It smells as close to heaven as you will ever be in your lifetime.
It fills you up with a feeling of glorious peace and solitude.
You close your eyes and let your mind fly free,
Thinking of nothing except the wonder of this beauty,
Created by a Master's hand.
You feel the need to be closer,
So you open your eyes again and start to walk slowly up the boardwalk,
Taking one steady step at a time,
Feeling the wood under your bare feet.
You reach the stairs and descend to the beach below.
At last your feet touch the sand and it makes you feel alive.
You squish the sand between your toes as you become one with this feeling.
Walking towards the edge of the waters, you close your eyes once again.
Lifting your arms, palms facing up, you just stand there,
Feeling the breeze embrace you.
The only sounds you hear, are the waves crashing on the rocks,
And the cry of a solitary seagull.
It sounds like music to your ears,
An orchestra of melodies that no ordinary man can compose.
Standing so close, the smell of the sea tickles your nose,
And it makes you smile.
Not even a lover can make you feel as unique and beautiful as this gift of nature.
She fills your soul and washes it clean with her gentle existence.
You understand within yourself how happy you can be with life,
With love,
With the world as it is.
You know that nothing in this life can take this part away from you.
Through all the anger, fear, sorrow and unrequited love,
This gift of nature is yours, for as long as you wish to accept it.
You came here with the desire to take your own life,
End your strife.
But, breathing this in,
This life-giving gift,
You begin to understand.
The sea carries a message of guidance.
Do not be afraid, for God is here.
He is wherever you are,
And wherever you need Him to be.
You just need to close your eyes and have faith in it.
He is around you all the time.
In the beauty that is nature,
In the beauty that is your life.
Live it,
Love it,
Feel it,
Smell it.
But, most of all,
Appreciate it.
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Copyright © © Fran Scholan (aka evergreendame40), 2012/2013
This material is an original literary work. Any unauthorized use thereof is strictly prohibited.
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