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Sea Stories


Love Wins!

She enjoys a visit to the seaside

She sat on the beach watching her children playing in the surf.  She knew they were perfectly safe but also knew the dangers of the water all too well.  Her husband sat on the sand next to her, his arm around her shoulder comforting her and making her fee...

The Siren

Tales of smugglers and wrecks. Rescues, ships in distress and more...

Hartland Quay, North Devon. A place of absolute beauty. On a sunny summers day, with the tide gently splashing over the rocks, it is hard to imagine anything but a tranquil, restful scene. At low tide, however, there is much evidence of the destruction th...


My Love

I just cant stop loving you Intellect

Hearing the ripples of the sea As we walk on the seashore I hold your hand I sneak a peak at you and smile Leaning to you I kiss your cheek My arms are around you Bringing you closer And holding you tightly I whisper my love for you I hear your muffled re...

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The great blue sea  So endless,  And free  The deep blue sea Millions of miles Wide and deep One would get lost  If wandering too far  But would that be  Such a bad thing? I would not think so  It would give me time  To admire all that is  Around me  The...

That Night

There is only one existence

The night that I was by the sea,I heard the sea speak to me. The night that I sat by the waves Watching the moon rise red, The night that the waters were splashing Making me listen to them, The night that sea tried to wake me Washing away my impurity, The...

So soft and still the mist rolls in todayAcross the sea, it touches lovers there Who meld beside the beach and on the bay.They taste the lust that only trust lays bare. A fairy dust that fell upon them bothHas given to their voices magic tone,And makes ea...

The Coming Of Dawn

Watching the dawn.

Dawn skims the sea with wings of gold, spreading tapered rays of light, toward the white manes of the water horses. Surrounding each mane in an arc of rainbow colors. Each white horse pursues the others, in a labored race to reach the shore. Reaching its...

The Sea: A Message Of Guidance

A life-changing walk by the sea

The night is still young and the lights shimmer as the sun goes down over the brilliant, blue ocean. As you gaze before you, your heart is filled with a desire to be free. Free from everything.You stand at the edge of the boardwalk, overlooking the vast w...