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This Never-Ending Cycle

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One look was all it took
Before I felt myself fall again.
It happens all the time,
This endless cycle.

I fall, I break, I heal.
You come, you smile,
Whisper to me your sweet poisonous words.
I get sucked in, and the cycle starts again.

How you have this hold over me,
I'll never understand.

This addiction,
The need to be near you,
The need to hear your voice,
To feel your touch.

I promised not to go through this again,
Not to fall again, only to break,
Yet here I am.
At your mercy, begging for your attention,
For your touch, and your love.

I know this will be the death of me,
And I fear it.
Fear that you will claim another part of me,
Yet I crave it.

I welcome it,
Maybe more than I probably should.

My mind tells me to run,
But my feet refuse to listen.
My mind tells me to scream,
Yet when I feel your touch,
All I can do is moan.

How you have this power over me,
I'll never understand.
Either way, I don't want to understand it,
I only want to get lost in it.

The ending won't be beautiful,
It never is, not with you, no.
It will be a horrible tragedy, just as before.
Me on the floor of my room, hugging my sides,
Trying to hold myself together,
To gather the broken pieces and glue them back.

It will be painful,
And you will have claimed
Yet another part of me.

But for this moment,
While I am still in your arms,
In your presence,
I want nothing more than to revel in this,
To memorize every plane and ridge of your body.

How you have this influence over me,
I'll never understand,
But I want this just as much.

This never ending cycle,
Is all I know, all I want.

You will be the death of me,
I know.
Temptation is the worse,
But I am too weak to resist.

Here we go again.
Fall, break, heal.
Fall, break, heal.
This never ending cycle,
A beautiful tragedy,
It will be the death of me.

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