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Those deep and dark

"Those unspoken foolish terrors and what if... ?"
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Published 6 years ago
It’s not just me being afraid of the dark

Just so many ghosts that will haunt me and bark

It’s not just me trembling that other strange side

Just that I am so certain there’s someone behind

It’s not that I wake up from dreams that went bad

Just that I could smell him and his bloody hand

And ain’t it that tales speak only the truth?

SO some creepy fairy will come for my tooth?

And ain’t it that evil will rise from within?

So some demon wants me be lured and give in?

And ain’t it that spirits share forces untold?

So some summer nights turn windy and cold?

But what if a stranger would crawl in my bed?

I’d take out my pistol and blow off his head!

But what if an old witch would tie me with spells?

I’d call for my knight by ringing five bells

But what if the attic hides monsters unseen?

I’d silently pray and fight off the obscene

He said that I’m crazy, that there’s no terror

I said his mindedness is such a great error

He said my obsessions are cravings for drama

I said that he should have respected the karma

He said he got tired and he’d stay no more

I said…. No please….wait! Don’t open the door!

A man was right there… With his thirsty blade…

I screamed at my love “I told you to wait…

I told you to stay inside at full moon

I told you to hide avoid the doom

‘’You never believed me and those I’d foreseen

The sacrifice ended just as you have been..”

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