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What do weather people know? They predict the weather for a living and generally get it wrong more than they get it right. They have been predicting big snow in Castletown for the past four winters and no real amount of snow has stuck in that amount of ti...

Those deep and dark

Those unspoken foolish terrors and what if... ?

It’s not just me being afraid of the dark Just so many ghosts that will haunt me and bark It’s not just me trembling that other strange side Just that I am so certain there’s someone behind It’s not that I wake up from dreams that went bad Just that I cou...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 13

Demi and his friends ride out in an attempt to find the crashed spaceship

Chapter 13 Secrets I Did Not Know About The next morning we ride out – me on my faithful Sarji, Iris on his Chirita, a playful black mare with a white spot on her forehead and Henessada on a grey horse of an unknown name. Not to mention Immaul, who quickl...

From Morning Songs: Noah's Wife

We never hear of Noah's wife who quietly did her part to save humanity

We never hear of her when we read how Noah gathered all God’s creatures— large and small and led them two by two into his Ark before the flood. We hear about his sons and how they worked to help him gather in the beasts and birds, the snakes and bugs and...

For Words Alone

Love on the internet.

Can I love someone,Never seeing their face,Without their touch,Or their warm embrace?Can I love someone,Never seeing their eyes,Without their caress,Would it be wise?Can I love someone,Never seeing their smile,Without their kiss,Only their writing style?C...