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Truth and Guilt

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Here in my lonely heart,

Betwixt that narrow moment of light and shadow

Wherein lies the truth that is me.

Across the blue expanse, in that open space of nothingness

Where angels fall and dance across the barrenness of my enduring soul;

Rests the small ember that struggles to drift away into darkness,

And find within a sea of chaos a small island of tranquillity.


What is tranquillity in this world that roars?

And this life that races.

What is peace? Where is hope?

Lost, lost to me and long forgotten.

Flown upon the wing and whisked away on the breath of a sad and bitter prayer.

Sad and lonely girl,

With a longing spirit that wonders why the wind cannot whisk

A heavy burden from about her shoulders,

And raise a carefree soul from the darkness into the burning light.

When will it end?

When will that longing finally find its answer?

When can I breathe again and gasp out laughing?

Why does the world have to spin so madly?

And wrack the tattered essence of my soul

With dizzying guilt?

Guilt at wanting simply

To be free.
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